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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Tadlo Waterfalls

The Tadlo impressive waterfall is 85km from Pakse, on the way to Saravan (Salavan). Many ethnic villages are scattered around the waterfalls, as well as several lodges and resorts where you can arrange for an elephant ride to the surrounding forests and villages. The Tadlo area is renowned for its tranquility, freshness and beauty of the three waterfalls (Tad Hang, Tad Lo, Tad Sung).

There are 3 waterfalls within 10km of Tadlo. The first is right next to the village, the second is about a 1km walk upstream and the third is about 8km upstream. The second waterfall can be easily found by following the jungle path on the left hand side of the river (facing upstream).

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